Rope stands, table signs, spare slot covers, casino chairs or casino furniture. You will find it all in our portfolio of general live game accessories. Everything manufactured on par with our high quality standards and with vast customizing options to suit needs of every casino.


Bill-stacking drop box

Drop box casino

Tip box casino

Drop box ECO

Tip box ECO vertical

Tip box ECO horizontal

Cup holder and ashtray CASINO

Cup holder ECO

Slot covers

UV money paddle

Inventory chip tray 1000

Lockable chip case

Interlocking Chip Tray 100

Chip tray 100/39 casino

Chip tray set 1000/39

Clear Acrylic Chip Spacers 40mm


Money paddle

Ropes and rope stands

Casino bells

Caddy customized DLX

Caddy table wireless

Caddy table

Caddy customized Glass

Smart Media Table Sign

LED digital table sign

Multimedia table sign

Acrylic table sign


Overhead table light

Casino chairs

Credit chip rack

Table ID Plaque

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